Something for Architecture

Architecture centre, Stockholm

2015 – Tutors: Tor Lindstrand & Anders Wilhelmson
Something is an institution and exhibition space for art and architecture in Stockholm, located within the urban fabric on and underneath a former schoolyard on Södermalm.

View along Vartoftagatan

View from Skånegatan/Götgatan

Garage gallery

Garage gallery

Section above ground

Section above ground. Facilities overground include a lobby/library and a basic atelier on the ground floor. On the first floor is a double height white gallery, a smaller grey gallery and a roof terrace.

Cross section.

Cross section. The larger exhibition space is located underground in a converted garage. Sky lights and hatches in the ceiling provide daylight and extended loading accessibility while also linking the underground space to the courtyard.


Site. The site is on Åsötorget, the schoolyard of a former technical gymnasium which today houses a range of activities mainly in the field of education. These institutions engage a diverse crowd from the entire Stockholm municipality whilst being located right in the middle of Södermalm.

Åsö Gymnasium

Åsö Gymnasium. Several functions can be utilized by the proposed institution and exhibitions can expand outside into the large courtyard.

Åsö gymnasium

Åsö gymnasium. The architectural context, dominated by Paul Hedqvist’s Åsö Gymnasium (1968) and Skatteskrapan (1959), is interesting in that with its prefabricated concrete elements and repetitive facades it is an environment quite different from what you find in most other parts of Södermalm.

Long section

Section towards Vartoftagatan. The foundation of the existing garage rests on poles running deep into the ground.

Ground floor

Ground floor. Reception, lobby, library, atelier.

1st floor

1st floor. White gallery, grey gallery, terrace.

2nd floor

2nd floor. Mezzanine gallery.

3rd floor

3rd floor. Administration.

Upper garage

Upper garage. Mezzanine gallery, rest rooms, cloak room, workshop, pantry. The garage allows for construction work directly in the exhibition space. The upper level provides wall space for hanging exhibitions and top views of the work or exhibitions taking place below. At the far end of the upper floor there is also a large widow facing the workshop area.

Lower garage

Lower garage. Main exhibition space, workshop, storage. The lower level is reached by stairs or through the long ramp running behind one of the walls. Loading can be done through large doors towards the adjacent garage or, for larger objects, be hoisted in through a hatch in the roof. The doors towards the garage also function as emergency exits and allow temporary expansion into the garage.

Scale model 1:50

Scale model 1:50

Scale model 1:50

Scale model 1:50

Scale model 1:50

Scale model 1:50

Light study

Light study

Garage gallery

Garage gallery